When walls speak ...

When walls speak,

they tell of lifetimes;

lives that pass around

and through time.

When walls speak,

they express stories;

moments strung together,

sealed in a word or image.

When walls speak,

they communicate strength;

the ability to stand, shelter, host,

and display who we are are.

When walls speak,

they remember our lives, the moments,

and who we are

never ceasing to protect us.

When walls speak

by A. Makamae Kaupu


Featured in this month's local newspaper - The Kaʻū Calendar - is an article about one of our gallery artists, Suzanne Dix Kaliko. Twenty years ago, Suzanne painted several murals at the Pāhala Senior Center depicting pieces of Pāhala's story and capturing some of its kūpuna. Recently,Suzanne returned to reinvigorate these stories held within the wall images.

Suzanne's work honors the people and places in our communities that we love so much. We are so lucky to get to share more of her timeless pieces with everyone. Featured in our gallery are numerous fine art reproductions and a selection of original paintings by Suzanne. To see more, check out her artist album online at https://www.suzannedixkaliko.kauartgallery.com/ or come by the gallery on a Wednesday or Saturday, between 9am and 3pm to meet them in person!

To read The Kaʻū Calendar's article about Suzanne, click on the link below:


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